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Today we have another indie horror smash hit and one that actually had a Christmas update recently! Maybe a bit early to start the festivities, but I could not keep myself away from this creepy, yet charming game. To be honest, when I first saw footage of this game it did not look all that interesting to me. But this is yet another example of “don’t judge a book by its cover”.
You are playing as a babysitter and have to take care of this child who holds a dark secret. What starts out as simple task, quickly turns into all kind of demonic twists and turns and me having to run for my life! The game always kept me surprising and guessing on what comes next and in the spring of next year there will be a new story chapter added as well. So, I cannot wait to jump back in and see how this whacky story unfolds next!

A few months back I recorded and archived the awesome horror game Baby In Yellow. A new update was already teased back then and today it finally came out with its official Steam release. For this video I will focus on the new content of the Black Cat update as more updates will be added in the future and I will eventually archive the game in its entirety when the final update is added.
I am happy to say that this update is by far the best content yet in Baby in Yellow. I already had fun in some of the previous chapters, but this time it feels like a proper story driven adventure game. It still has some creepy and scary moments, but this time we are accompanied by the adorable robot Newt! The animations for this little robot are so good and it was a general joy to have him help me with various puzzles. You can clearly see how much the developers are improving with each update as it gets better and better. I cannot wait to see where the Baby in Yellow will take us next!

We have come to the last month of the year and that means that various games will get a Christmas update! And Baby In Yellow is one of them and the added chapter is absolutely awesome and picks up where we last at. Though the update is short, its super sweet as we get to make our very own snowman, take part in a snowball fight, unpack presents and get reunited with our cutest friend NEWT!!
I adore the atmosphere in Baby In Yellow so much and its the exact right amount of cute mixed with creepy. I cannot wait for upcoming story updates and this Christmas meal was more than enough to keep me happy until those updates arrive!

Previously I have archived Baby in Yellow before, but never in a video that showcases all the current chapters that are available. Since April is a great month for some backlog games I thought it would be great to archive it in its entirety.
Baby in Yellow is still a game that is one of the most enjoyable horror games to play through, because of the sheer rise in quality with each new update. The game starts out so simple and small with the first night that was released and more and more gameplay get added each time. New gameplay mechanics get introduced and you head to entirely new locations. Even new characters are thrown into the mix including the black cat and everyone’s favorite robot Newt.
Baby in Yellow has a great sense of combining cute and relaxing gameplay with scary segments. There were quite a couple of scares I had forgotten about that got me again and overall the pacing is just so good as I could do some smaller chores in between the chasing sequences.
Baby in Yellow will still be updated in the future, so I cannot wait to see what the future will bring for this amazing title.

dowloadt the game Baby in Yellow here!

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