Animal Farm Predictions 2024

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  1. Thank you for being better than every other GCSE English channel out there

  2. Went from 2s two months ago to 8s and 9s thank you so much

  3. Thank you so much for the video! Do you know what quotes are the most universal, so would work for any question?

  4. Mr Salles is still cooking so we don’t get cooked guys 🗣️🗣️

  5. Thank you so much for this animal farm is the one im most worried for 😅

  6. can u pls do blood brothers, theres barely any content bout it online

  7. sir are you going to make videos for poetry?

  8. sir pls can you do blood brothers no one ever does blood brothers 😭

  9. finally a revison vid for animal farm, does anyone know of anymore bc no where apart from the one vid mentions the existence of animal farm

  10. Sir I’m worried. For the Jekyll and Hyde question I linked fear to homosexuality and Utterson taking out his fear of his one sexuality onto Hyde in his dream. But my friends are saying that’s not worthy of marks. Will I get marks for it?

  11. please cou;d you make a vid for blood brothers

  12. Can please do this for love and relationships poems? ❤❤❤

  13. Dear Mr Salles, I am unable to send my essay today. I am really sorry – are you able to wait till next weekend? – it’ll be my half term break!

  14. i beg do something on pigeon english 😭😭

  15. How would you link experiences of war to Checking out me History?

  16. Any chance you could do key quotes before the exam?

  17. Sir, it would be great if you could do a video for the curious incident. Your videos are great and they really help me to learn quotes and understand themes

  18. Hello, Sir! Quick question before the exam: am I allowed to link this to Orwell's other books when talking about his intentions? E.g. the pigs are always watching what the animals do [quote + analysis]. Perhaps Orwell's intentions were to show how tyrants maintain their power by forcibly keeping others below him, similar to how big brother was watching over the citizens in his other novel, 1984, about dictatorship.

  19. the spatula is an extension of his arm by now from all that cooking

  20. By the way there are only 7 commandments for animalism

  21. Ended up being Squealer throughout the play to do with power and “what he says” or how revolution is presented.


  23. Hi Mrs Salles, your videos have been super helpful and I've learnt so much through them which I haven't learnt in class. Today I realised at the end of the exam that I misread the question about Animal farm and wrote about revolution in the whole play instead of specifically the ending. Do you know if I would still get marks for this? Because in my mock I made the same mistake and ending up getting quite a low grade. Thank you 🙂

  24. Almost a perfect prediction thank you so much !!!

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