Andy Schectman: IMF Global CBDC, Gold and XRP #investing #finance #money

Black Swan Capitalist
Another in-depth discussion with Andy Schectman and his unique perspective on the OceanGate submarine story, Blackrock’s Bitcoin ETF, IMF’s global CBDC, XRP, and the industry shift in general.

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  1. Wanted to hear his thoughts on this FEDNOW SYSTEM coming

  2. Ripple = deliverance for institutions. JPM Coin = slavery for institutions.

  3. This is all so complicated. I’m wondering now if XRP moons at the next bull run to say $100 but the US $ is basically worthless what’s the point of having crypto?
    Should we be buying Judy gold and silver instead of crypto?

  4. Is there a possibility that world governments are not as we know it? What if most governments has been infiltrated to make possible a one world government. Is Puttin maybe an ally of America along with many other presidents. Or rather are all these countries infiltrated and actually allies of the Elite banking families. What if this is Globally orchestrated. I mean we have a Global village and it has taken decades and centuries for Evil to plot and plan and they never sleep and they actually achieved great evil Globally. Something just doesn't add up to me about the narrative with regards to Global governments and opposing forces. I think that the opposition we see Is orchestrated to a certain extent. I mean look at this exact project, the CBDC'S. The entire globe is participating in this together while we see different narratives in the news. This was born out of Necessity for the Federal Reserve. Then everyone else followed and the narrative makes it seem like America is falling behind. I speak to people about this but I feel like I'm wrong because no one else sees this view point. But I feel it in my gut that I am right. I feel like America is still in the forefront running this orchestration. Yes the dollar might fall and inflation and all those things however I just can't wrap my head around the fact thay Elite banking families with so much power Globally has been plotting and planning for centuries and they sit on a throne in the west. I just can't believe they will leave the west to walk behind while everyone else run in the forefront. It just doesn't make sense. This brics Nations is a whole show and soon we will see America and everyone else form an alliance for one world government. I wonder who will be it's King. True King is God. However I mean who will be the modern day Tyrant to take Throne of the world. Could it be in the Royal family? I just feel like there is so much happening and thinking waaaay out of the box is very important and no views and opinions can be thrown out of the window because everything is possible. I feel like even if there is a ww3. I feel like that will also be planned and orchestrated to a certain extent but God's plans is above ours so that ww3 caused by the evil will be God's punishment on mankind. On one hand you have Evil Elite and on the other hand you have people allowing the evil to happen by not using there God given gift which is a brain to think with and reflect. However the human race does not want to have a thinking Capacity anymore.

  5. 59:20 He sold his 2nd child 😬🤯🤯 Thats hardcore!!! (Kidding of course) AWESOME INTERVIEW AS ALWAYS GUYS!!!!

  6. I remember listening to Andy a year ago talk on The Jay Martin Show about BRICS.. I would research every point he made and he’s spot on. Any time Andy speaks I pay close attention because he’s ahead of the game

  7. Adolph Hitler said the masses will fall more easier to a bigger lie than a smaller lie.

  8. Cointelegraph has May 11/23 article on FedNow running on METAL blockchain, fork of AVAX (Metallicus is company and seems legit). Please let us know your thoughts? 🙏🏼❤️ NOT Ripple/XRP as has been hyped? Rugpull here? Thank you! Kyra

  9. This was an impeccable episode!!!❤ My God!! I live in Dallas. When I come to Houston, I owe you brothers lunch!! I am learning so much information and applying it. Thank you for giving me a seat at your virtual table. I will always be your student.

  10. Great stuff guys always looking at the bigger picture. Keep up the good work.

  11. Great show once again guys, prepare for the worst and hope for the best..

  12. Please reach out to Andy to get him on more! Look forward to all your releases but you three guys together were completely making sense through all the chaos. Really inspiring stuff… I would certainly listen every week if I could. Appreciate the work so much guys!

  13. Schectman is a legend. Yoi guys are too. Thanks for reaching honest content brothers

  14. Thank you BSC!! You both are fully respected for bringing light to this darkness!!! Peace Love Prosperity!!

  15. No Kidding, they are distracting everyone!!! People need to wake up!!!!!😇😇

  16. Hey, what's up V?
    Thanks for the content, you guys always share the best perspective.

  17. You know the funny thing is, this is not new. Deception and distraction have been used to manipulate men for a very long time. The good news is people are starting to become more aware of it. Keep speaking, praying, and standing up for the truth. In the long run it will be worth it!!!

  18. 6.2 Billion probably went to Wagner to revolt against Putin. Wagner pulls faux march on moscow. Putin is laughing his ass off…..

  19. Here is what you are seeing happen…The foundation is for: Revelation 13:17… It's becoming easier to see what has true value !!! Be well guys, God bless. 💕

  20. The take down of the US is by design, the destruction of the dollar is by design. The banking cabal is building a world Communist system

  21. I sincerely respect and appreciate you and the wisdom you seek. but the truth is we're entering into a Time when" the treasure of self preservation" will by no means be of any advantage. Many are going to have to choose between the Love of others and self. Getting all you can; canning all you get will have no value. It's time to choose who will define our treasure. This world system or eternity? Thanks again for sharing. A wise man once said: if you lose your life… You shall find it. This might be the best time in history to truly embrace how important this really is.

  22. PS, I am an ex-american soldier, a registered nurse, a believer, and a music project producer. Keep speaking up !!!

  23. Thanks again, guys, for sharing the wisdom 🙏

  24. bad people, they should be judged for sacrificing the people

  25. I don´t think Kristalina Georgiewa is afraid of anything, she knows, what she does

  26. Arguably the most valuable content on YouTube right now!

  27. Let's show the deep state we are focused important things like child trafficking and go see the movie, The Sound of Freedom coming out July 4th
    Let them know our children are not for sale!!!!

  28. After clarity for xrp can blackrock go for a ETF for xrp like btc?

  29. Gentlemen, that was amazing information! Thank you for all you do!🙏🙏

  30. Lives lost aint just a distraction. Gonna be careful with our words unless we have compelling proof.

  31. Am definitely going to mug bitcoin , Gold will be pegged to something valuable and once that happens Gold value will rocket

  32. Great interview guys ❤ things getting interesting

  33. Great episode again!!!
    Do U have any info on what might happen around July 1st with Iraqi Central bank? I did hear value of the dinar is going to equal $1, its $0.00076 now.

  34. great conversation. Exposed a lot. Thank you Versan 🙏🏾

  35. What a great video! Thank the three of you A LOT!!!

  36. Catching up with your interviews after recent vacation, and the level of guest you guys are now attracting speaks volumes to the level of content you are providing and the standard you are setting – well done 👏. I think most of us who follow you guys are wide awake and with our eyes wide open to the reality of what is actually happening in this world and what the system is all about ‘the matrix if you like’, and often wonder why we can see so clearly what others can’t and why they still refuse to even look and listen never mind understand ? Still – we push on and keep trying to point others in the right direction, even if they do think we bonkers 🤷🏻‍♂️🤪. Keep up the great work guys 🙏🏼👍

  37. So much respect for you guys and the SYNERGY between Andy and you two, you can really feel it. The older man (no disrespect intended Andy) partnering with the minds of the younger man, make that older man extremely fast among his contemporaries. The younger man partnering with the mind of the older man make that young man extremely accurate. Speed an accuracy together is power relationship. I’ve learned a TON from all three of you and love to see that exchange of wisdom dynamic play out with you guys. Just real, valuable, top tier stuff👊🏾

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