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Hey, what’s up, guys?

Welcome to a game called Grief “A short horror experience”.
This game has been made in a VHS style, and it gives me the creeps!
Join me on this short journey of discovering where our daughter is.

Play the game here:

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🎧 Music End Screen: Yung Logos – Tomb Raider
📷 Camera: Noviga Webcam
🎤 Microphone: Blue Snowball Ice


  1. Yeah, I agree. Though not too scary, it is nicely psychological and creepy. Also, if I see a ladder going further underground from my basement, I'd be super creeped out. My place doesn't have a basement either, so suddenly having that would be shocking. Anyway, I'm happy you played this.

  2. hey i'm mentally confused! 😀 That music was a creative choice for the report hah.Uuuuuuugh, table guy! :S This is why you shouldn't give you kids bad guy names like "Lucius".

  3. This was definitely spooky. Better you play than me lol. Hit that like and sub!

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