63-42 NBA Playoff RUN | MAVERICKS vs T-WOLVES Game 4 Prediction (HUGE TRAP GAME)

Dan’s Rants
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  1. Mavs gonna take it make sure you shout me out on your next video mavs by 10+ take it to the bank

  2. Lol.. Kyrie never lost a closing game buddy you always say read the stats😂 it's over for the T'wolves

  3. “kYRiE haS NEveR LoSt a CLosiNG gAMe” I guess folks don’t understand anything can happen in the playoffs. Nobody is immune to losing…. Clown behavior right there

  4. “What’s there to be happy about? Job isn’t finished. Job finished?” —The GOAT

  5. I’ve been saying it this whole time and I’ve been wining Kat and Ant are trash “ this year” they will have their time, but it’s level to this. Fade Ant and Kat points and Gobert under Pra!

  6. I’m going to live bet this one😊. Let’s be honest Mavs are the better team and should win but Dan is making a very valid point. All money is going to the Mavs and if Vegas can extend the series they will get a double win if Mavs loose. Definitely sprinkle something on wolves

  7. 2 is meaningless this game will not end by 1 or a basket for a push. I do believe that Wolves will win, but by more than 2

  8. Minny 1st half maybe. They can't close the deal.

  9. Hit a 25 leg for the 40x..screw ML and spread on this series…better off taking a couple props

  10. Mavs winning kyrie doesn’t lose close out games

  11. I was all over the Mavericks until I listened to your reasoning. I’m taking the Timberwolves. My personal premium pic for this game is Minnesota under the team total. Dallas could possibly blow them out, but if the Timberwolves win or lose, I don’t see them scoring a lot of points. They will either win a close defensive game or the Mavericks will blow them out and in either case Minnesota will go under the team total. I think it’s the safer bet to make.

  12. The Twolves are cook 🧑‍🍳 man 🤦‍♂️ they loosing tonight watch this shit fam 😪

  13. Mavs ML and Jaden McDaniel over 1.5 3pts made 🤑🤑🤑

  14. Boston losing forth quarter at +200 odds money line 5 unit play, bankroll fresh this morning

  15. No history of both confrence final games being a sweep ever in the history of the nba, as well as 154-0 a nba team has nver come back from 3-0 , that trend is stronger than any trend to date

  16. I bet with Dan ! PACERS…. +7.5
    I needed a win bad. My mind plays tricks on me and I just said go with Dan. I appreciate your commentary. I almost flipped after listening late to Joe at wager talk.

  17. Celtics hands down are unstoppable. And bring back Porzingus…..

  18. How many picks you give out off subscribed

  19. Wolves ain’t losing tonight. There would be no NBA for a week. This series going 6

  20. Matchups make “fights”. The only hope MIN has is that Lively is out. I’d rather have DAL sweep and be rested so we can have an amazing finals. Injuries really messed up these playoffs. Baseball is 1/3 of the way through, there is enough information to get some accurate capping. You’re my favourite YouTuber Dan, excited to see your baseball videos.

  21. MIN has no answer for DAL offense. They have tried switch drop or blitz. Nothing worked. They had success against DEN offense because Murray was the only ball handler on the perimeter.

  22. Best bet is to have a parlay TWolves + Alt spread with a baseball game earlier in the day. Then during the game do a live bet and hedge with the Mavs if it’s looking that way. Best case scenario you with your original bet and the hedge as well. Had Twolves +9 on Sunday. Hedged Mavs -6.5 at beginning of 4th quarter for +300

  23. Kyrie definitely wants Luka to get his rest for the final. Celtic already resting, Dallas will go for the sweep 100.

  24. I’m sorry this series is over. Maybe next year for Ant Man and Company. Side note Minnesota matched better against Denver plus Jokic is an offensive juggernaut but a big liability on defense

  25. Lets get this done bruh !! Just Bet T-wolves under total Lets get this MAY on a Fvckin High note!

  26. First off FUCK THE HATERS LOL , What's up Dan I'm With Ya Tonight on The Wolves This One Is Going Back 2 Minnesota

  27. Do you understand Dallas is a better team than Denver! If they would’ve played Denver it would’ve been a sweep as well.

  28. Just gonna go with player props tonight.
    Naz Reid over 12.5 pts
    Jaden McDaniels over 10.5 pts
    P.j Washington over 13.5 pts
    200$ good luck everyone!

  29. $1.5 mil so far on the game I’m leaning mavs from what I see but Dan I’ll check back in with you before tip off and give my pick!!

  30. mavs want to sweep like celtics. Best 2 players are irving and luka Minn worn out after long denver series. mavs money line

  31. Let's keep it real chat nobody would be here if they had all the answers So anybody complaining and whining about free content pull their skirt down and stop being such a b** This guy's giving you s*** for free

  32. Guys dont keep making these same mistakes over and over again

  33. I agree with you fully. T Wolves tonight. Idk if they can push it to seven games series but definitely think they win tonight. Too much money lost on wcf and ecf sweep.

  34. Lmao. You just keep contradicting yourself. You said last time. Gobert and edwards have terrible IQs and what makes you think timberwolves want to go home just to lose? 😂😂 you are wrong

  35. Good evening Dan The Man Rants! You are a fucking beast of a CAPPER, You called TWOLVES , waiting to c the outcome of the total. Doncic just hit a deuce and at fo line

  36. He missed his FT can’t believe it!! He never misses!!! Great call my boy, ttyt🙏👍

  37. I hit the first half under, Ant over 27 1/2, NYR plus 1 1/2, under 5 1/2 goals, Sparks plus 5 1/2, Cardinals ML!!

  38. Took the Wolves moneyline when they were down 4 in the third quarter. +152 cash! Nice pick AGAIN Dan!

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