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  1. Just earned yourself a new subscriber. All my life, it always seemed like women that I was around did not care about finance

  2. This is similar to my situation in many ways and I’m taking this advice by tweaking it to my income. Thanks!

  3. You’re definitely not too talkative!! Love the commentary ☺️ Not sure if there is a big difference in MA and CA small business state taxes, but it might be another factor to consider

  4. I completely agree with you regarding going out with friends and that we should surround ourselves with like minded people who have similar goals. It is so much harder and stressful when you feel like you have to spend money on something you don't even enjoy just because others around you are.

  5. I like the flow better with you commenting as you read their email, too!Love this series, Leila!I've gravitated towards friends that don't want to SPEND SPEND SPEND when we go out. Hiking or a coffee meet up!

  6. Agree she needs to find less expensive ways to socialize. I'm guessing the Uber etc … cost is due to the alcohol too. Good for her for being responsible!!! But that's $850 total per month that could be used in much healthier ways. Over 10 grand per year!

    Best of luck!

  7. Going along with what Leila was saying you need to reflect the people you surround yourself. I believe you have a high stress profession but you should cut back on the drinking. Drinking doesnt help with your gut issues either. There are other alternatives to having fun and dealing with stress that don't involve drinking.If I was you I would go all in paying your student loans before investing. Am sure between now and ten years you will be in the market to buying a house. You don't want to have student loan debt and then a house payment. And you are running your own business. You make awesome money but don't let that blind you. Good luck!!!!

  8. obviously unrealistic expectations to cover 160k loans by drinking $150 only… – joke

  9. This sounds like great advice. I paid off my private loans but I did pay off the smaller ones first just to get motivated to pay them off. But I also didn’t have as much as this viewer so I understand why that may not be the best option. Overall, money is such an emotional thing so you really have to choose the path that works for you. Like Leila mentioned if you value going out then continue to do so, it works in the budget. However, if you want to focus on debt/investing then this is a great place to cut down, but either way it’s your choice. I will say that I wish I had started investing earlier even with a small amount. It’s very fun to see your nest egg begin to grow! Once you see the numbers go up, saving becomes a lot easier 😂

  10. I'm honestly not worried about her dining, drinking, and entertainment budgets as long as she's staying in budget there cause even with all that she still has extra left to put towards debt, investing, and even savings.

  11. She could cut out alcohol altogether (it’s a depressant) and save $150 per month. Just order water to drink with your meals and at bars. On the plus side it’s more fun when you’re sober at a party.

  12. Even with the changes you’ve made, to make 7K take home p/m and only put 1k extra towards her student loans (literally only 14% of her income) is kinda crazy. She has 160K in student debt, it’s time to get crazy and throw everything but the kitchen sink at this debt. Cut back on the lifestyle drastically and pay it down with gazelle intensity as Dave Ramsey would say. Otherwise the debt pay off process is going to be so long and drawn out. The maths says it will take around 9 years to pay it off at that rate and if she likes it, I love it. But I just think it can be done a lot quicker on her income if she lowers her spending 💕

  13. She is spending like someone who is completely debt free. You see this a lot especially with high degree graduates like doctors who graduate and start a high income but $200k in debt. While they have a high income they are technically broke. She needs to live like someone who makes $30k a year.

    I will never understand how people choose to go on international vacations to Barcelona and go out every weekend to spend on entertainment/food/drink, and getting botox while having 160 THOUSAND dollars of DEBT.

    If she’s serious about being debt free she will stop going out and stop spending outside of groceries (no eating out) and insurance considering her rent is currently free.

    Also, I do not live in California but I’m pretty sure an apartment is San Diego is closer to $3,000 just in rent.

  14. Hi Leila, we are here to hear you talk, so you do you and talk away during the e-mail! 🙂

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