32-Year-Old Turns Regular Job into MASSIVE Savings!

Romain Faure
🔥Meet Andrea, a 32-year-old who has built an impressive savings through dedication and hard work in her regular job. Her journey hasn’t been easy, as she has had to overcome significant challenges along the way. Today, she stands ready to leverage her savings to pursue an entrepreneurial venture, gaining the freedom she has always dreamed of.

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  1. Romain. Even better, I hae done mystery shops for timeshare presentations.

  2. I gotta commend people for coming on shows like these and exposing themselves to the world. That takes some courage man lol

  3. Cheating clauses are unenforceable in many US states.

  4. $100K is not enough for medical expenses on car insurance. Depending on the state, a 20-minute medical helicopter ride can cost $60k (that was Missouri). I got that ride… and it ended up being a mis-diagnosis (they thought my lung was lacerated but it was histoplasmosis). Then the initial ER visit was 18K, then on to an overnight stay at a university hospital. 💰

  5. This is my favorite episode. I NEVER find individuals featured that are closer to my age and finances. So much of this I had to piece together over the years from Dave Ramsey, Money Guys, JazzWealth etc.
    I will be informing myself about the revocable trust… love to hear the value of keeping physical engagement ring, and will consider a car loan despite hating debt since we are looking at house buying in 2-3yrs. This video is absolutely perfect, thank you!

  6. What on earth is he talking about with her engagement ring? It was given to her.

  7. I’m sorry. I can’t take this guy seriously with this accent

  8. You said you prefer lab-grown diamonds… That is my concern, that the natural diamonds will lose value because of this. Any thoughts?

  9. Medical insurance will not pay if it was an accident, they'll say your car insurance or theirs should. You might think….. I just won't tell them. Good luck with that if police, EMT or fire are involved bc they communicate with the hospital for your well-being. Ask me how I know. Same reason if they think it might be workmans comp, they'll send you those letters asking if xyz visit was related to a workplace injury. They tried to deny my husband's shoulder issues bc he uses his arms at work. Who doesn't? It's stupid.

  10. Why play with the snakes? Horrible advice providing timeshare tactics to the general public…everything else massive respect for the channel – keep up the great job!

  11. Another great interview, Roman. I look forward to Monday’s! 🎉👍🏻

  12. She had student debt and all paid off. Why would she need to borrow money for car?

  13. This is super helpful & I enjoyed seeing a different type of story!

  14. The value of diamonds is artificial. They artificially keep the price of diamonds inflated and high. I would invest in SWPPX instead. Love that you did an interview with someone with a great retirement fund!

  15. Great video, Romain! Good point about the physical asset of holding onto to the jewelry. Deep respect for Andrea. She has navigated through some of life's more challenging terrain with grace and emotional maturity. Though no doubt, she provides excellent medical care, I hope she also does pursue her dreams of acting. She is looking at a well-rounded lifestyle with a solid financial foundation to build upon.

  16. Love that you are showcasing people in good financial standing!

  17. She is just wonderful in every way and her ex husband is an utter fool, I know she will continue to do well. Her parents must be so proud of her. Romaine’s advice on taking on car debt is plain wrong and should be ignored. Instead she should follow Dave Ramsey and continue to save and in time she will have enough for a house down payment. I also think it would be wise to consider looking for a cheaper place to live. Best of luck to her.

  18. These ‘strong independent’ ladies know how to pick ‘em lol

  19. You have such a beautiful talent of meeting people where they are. I love this channel so much!

  20. Can’t deny she made a wise decision with the divorce; she’s strong & disciplined enough solo & shouldn’t be burdened with surprise debts. She deserves someone with roughly equal value as herself (romance aside, reality & the importance of money & relationships)

  21. My parents go to timeshare presentations too for the free stuff. You just have to keep on saying “No” because they will lie or mislead you on anything to get you sign. And if they try to resist giving you the free or discounted stuff that they promised, just for coming to the presentation, threaten to expose them to the other people who are about to see the same presentation later. That will typically get them to honor their agreement if you threaten to destroy their opportunity to sell to others.

  22. I understand the “strategy” of taking a small car loan to demonstrate her credit management, but didn’t her retiring an $80k student loan in under two years demonstrate that? Student loans stay on credit reports for a long time.

  23. She moved in with her parents after school and paid off her student loans in less than 2 years. Then she had to go through a divorce and still came out on top. This woman is very smart!

  24. Andrea is in a nice situation because of her hard, diligent work. I do agree with her that parents should not "hand" things over but make your children work for it in order to help them to be self reliant and successful in society. It's great to see different people in different financial situation both good and bad. Thank you Romain! People desperately need financial education now more than ever. 🙏

  25. Hey Romain. I think that's dangerous advice about the timeshares for most people, but it seems like Andrea has the willpower. Question: after you get a few free trips under your belt, why would these companies keep inviting you? Wouldn't they eventually blacklist you as someone who is just in it for the travel and will never buy?

  26. I may be crazy… but is $250k really much of an accomplishment at that age?
    I’m ahead of the curve, but I’ll be there by 25 and it’s not like I have a large 6 figure salary lol

  27. Romain, I'm sure about Cali (Cali is so different), but in TX keeping current on household utilities is now considered when purchasing a house to show you are consistent with payments and can handle finances. Also, my cousins lawyer also suggested to her an irrevocable trust instead of a standard will.
    Andrea's story just shows you, parents should not hand you everything, get a career that will pay you do do the things you want do in life. What a great story to showcase every 30+ person is not struggling out here in these streets.

  28. Amazing video and I loved how you conducted it and taught us and explained so much. Amazing video and thumbs up!

  29. Romain absolutely flexing that USD 😂

  30. Romain absolutely flexing that USD 😂

  31. 👏 Andrea's story is a powerful reminder of the importance of financial transparency in relationships. Open communication about money can help prevent devastating surprises and set the foundation for a strong financial future. Learning from real-life experiences like Andrea's is invaluable for mastering personal finance!

  32. This was my favourite episode ever!! Thank you so much for posting relatable people and all those tips you gave her are so good. There’s not enough info out there about handling your finances past paying off debt and saving.

  33. That one million dollar thing is a good idea.

  34. Sell you paid off car to finace a newer car for the sake of a credit score? Terrible advice. Her credit is already great and she'll get the best rate possible when she goes to buy a house anyway

  35. Please please please change your financial advisor! Hairdresser and financial advisors should never be family!

  36. Our stories are so similar! Down to the affair, career success and savings and investments. I’m 34 and 3 years post divorce with a 4yo. She’s killing it – it gets so much better and the future looks bright!

  37. 100K is considered the low side in Cali for a nurse?! I’d think 80K would be considered low in California

  38. One thing I really like about this channel is that you take time to explain the financial moves you would make and why you would make them. This channel focuses on educating guests and, by extension, the audience while still managing to be entertaining. It's a nice balance.

  39. That was an amazing audit. Whether you’re financially stable or not, there is always more to learn about finances. I’m doing ok, but I learned a lot from this. She set a really inspirational example for the foundations that need to be built in order to be financially secured & stable. Great job you guys!

  40. Haha I was getting frustrated watching you open and close that case! Leave it open man! Haha great video and keep it up to this young lady

  41. I love this! I understand how easy it is to have bad finances, but it is so great to see how people can get out of financial ruin and or avoid it. I can learn from this. BRAVO!!!

  42. What did he say about the car insurance? 300k personal bodily harm?

  43. Good insurance coverage gives peace of mind. I probably over insure but I sleep well. Umbrella insurance is relatively cheap for coverage for car accidents, pet incidents, accidents on your property (if you own).

  44. Her thinking is not right about the prenup. It’s insurance for both of you. Women like to treat everything like betrayal when it’s not. Same way we get car insurance. It’s not cuz we don’t have a license or don’t know how to drive. It’s to protect our interest in case we get in an accident regardless if it’s our fault or not. She said all that then in the end regret not getting one smh typical women. She fortunate she came away unscathed.

  45. I understand what he is saying but damn I would’ve pawned that ring!!

  46. She’s like a young drew Barrymore so right there gives you the leverage to be an aspiring actress!! Financially she’s great in saving and with retirement accounts. I live in California too and I happen to love San Diego but not live there but close. That is very real on the cost of living there. I’d say anywhere in California is much more than other states aside from New York/Florida/Washington. This guy is a great ‘French’ speaker and overall articulate lol really great financial advice. I think Andrea will be fine she has a good safety net and being single is the best for her at this point to rebuild grow and reset. You got this!! 🤛

  47. Hallelujah!!!! The daily jesus devotional has been my a huge part of my transformation, God is good 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻was owning a loan of $47,000 to the bank for my son's brain surgery (David), Now I'm no longer in debt after I invested $12,000 and got my payout of m $270,500 every months,God bless Christy Fiore🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸..

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