22K DEBT + AUGUST BREAKDOWN | my journey to be debt free | #lizandless

Liz and Less
Join me on my debt free journey as I pay off 23k in debt (credit cards and student loans) as a single parent/solo income household with no real assets. I’m basically here to change my life. I’m also an Aussie in the USA, I receive a bi-weekly paycheck but I cash stuff weekly since I feel less broke giving myself grocery and sinking fund money on a weekly basis.

S T A R T I N G D E B T: $13695.56
✔️ SEP 1: $12674
✔️ OCT 1: $11414
✔️ NOV 1: $10327
✅ Sent to debt NOV MTD: $

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  1. I’m starting for a year ago❤

  2. Playlist with multiple videos i hadn't seen yet, remedying that now 😏

  3. Awe you ended with no IOU!!! Great video Liz! 🌮🌮

  4. I like your organization and planning strategies! Also, congrationlations on becoming naturalized American this month! That's a pretty big thing! I like your videos and I'm really excited to watch you grow.

  5. We all make mistakes but you're trying to better yourself and fix those mistakes. That's what's important!

  6. Cheering you on in your journey! I'm also starting over after some significant challenges, so happy to hear you've already made so many positive changes 💕🌸

  7. Cheering you on with your budgeting and debt journey 🥰

  8. This calendar is fantastic! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Yay coffee!! Digital, paper, do whatever works best for you!! Ooohhh… I detest the high interest rates on credit cards!! It really is a trap for most people! So glad you got out of that unhealthy situation. It is not easy to make those big changes! You are such a strong woman! Auto Immune struggles make things so much more challenging! I struggle there too!

  10. So nice of your friend to treat you to coffee. Congratulations on paying off a credit card.

  11. Congratulations on being naturalized as an American Citizen. I love that you have a plan to be in a better place financially. We can't grow without mistakes❤️

  12. I'm glad I went back in time to this video. I relate to a lot of your story. It's so cool to have met you in the future from this video and see the progress you have made ❤

  13. Playing all the videos! Love love these!! 🥹

  14. I really enjoyed this one. I didn’t know some of the things mentioned. I wasn’t here 6 months ago, so I’m glad I’m running through all your videos now.

  15. Gosh this video hit home!!!
    Triggered 😬😂😂
    I started over with NOTHING but the clothes on my back! Here I am, on my journey but my gosh I walked through the flames 🔥 and survived!
    That was 7 years ago and I’ve came leaps and bounds since then.
    Thank you for this video ❤️

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