1000 wins in snowball.io pro player and shows stats

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  1. Rank : mythic 12Game : 579Wins :420Kills : 1892Max distance launch :103.1 mGood stats is it ?

  2. “Best player” gets 5th, 7th, and last

  3. Bro mythic 37 is not even god bro ho are u??💀

  4. Mr record launch someone is only 93m and i have only 247 wins

  5. I’m better, I have bad stats but I am way better in gameplay, not stats

  6. Also the song was made by THE SEIGE and the song name was “Outside”

    Guys chill i stopped playing this game and this is a old video so don’t say your better than me

    Update: Thank you everyone for watching and make sure to like the video

    thanks for 100 likes and 6k views

  7. There are no real players all the bots you are eliminating are not real

  8. I am playng beter than you i am talking to this player in the youtube!😁

  9. This game takes no skill lmfaoo everyone can be a pro

  10. you suck your ego is bigger then your snowball
    first 2 games you died lmao

  11. He's the best and dies in the first game lol.-___

  12. Best player huh dies first round ur trash

  13. I already launched an enemy at 102.02m it's my record 🙂

  14. Nah I might be low rank but I know some tactics to beat you

  15. Imagine taken down and only leave your most viewed video

  16. Im mytic 60 now and more than 1300 wins

  17. i might be low rank but it’s only because i uninstalled the game and re installed it

  18. Yeah I beat the record I got to mythic in 1 hour

  19. Somebody got higher stats ?

    Rank : Mystic 73
    Game : 2716
    Wins : 2037
    Kills : 10879
    Max distance launch : 104,8 m
    Lifetime Kill per game : over 4 kill per game (over 5 kill per game after mystic 70)
    Lifetime Winning percentage : 75% (over 85% after mystic 70)
    8 kills win in a row : 2 in a row, 3 times

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